Types of housing

The OMHM has created different types of housing in accordance with the available programs and Montrealers’ needs

Types of housing offered by the OMHM

Subsidized housing

For subsidized housing (Low-Rental Housing and housing in the Rent Supplement Programs), tenants pay a rent equivalent to 25% of the household income.

The majority of these apartments are low-rent housing units located in buildings that are managed by the OMHM. From 1969 to 1994, the OMHM built low-rent housing on the island of Montreal. Just over half of these units are reserved for seniors aged 60 and over, and the others are reserved for families and individuals under 60 living alone. The OMHM is responsible for their maintenance, security and good neighbourly relations.

The number of low-rent housing units managed by the OMHM on the island of Montreal is as follows:

1 room X
2 rooms X
3 rooms X
4 rooms X
5 rooms X
6 rooms X
7 rooms X
Others X
Adapted X
STUDIOS X 5 rooms X
1 room X 6 rooms X
2 rooms X 7 rooms X
3 rooms X Others X
4 rooms X Adapted X









Since the end of the 1970s, the Rent Supplement Programs (PSL) have allowed tenants to live in apartments managed by private landlords, coops or not-for-profits while paying a rent that is similar to that of low-rent housing, which is 25% of the household income. The difference between the amount paid by the tenant and the rent of the apartment is paid by a subsidy managed by the OMHM. These buildings are managed by their respective landlords and the tenants must contact them with regard to maintenance, security and good neighbourly relations. Tenants may have to pay additional fees for electricity, parking etc.

For low-rent housing and Rent Supplement Programs, applicants must meet the seven (7) eligibility criteria. 

Please note that victims of domestic violence and major incidents (fire, etc.), or mobility-impaired applicants, may not have to meet criterion 2.

Please consult the Living in subsidized housing in Montreal leaflet for further information.

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Affordable housing

The OMHM built affordable housing as part of the Logement abordable Québec program between 2002 and 2010, and then in the scope of the AccèsLogis program since 2013. Unlike subsidized housing, the rent is not calculated depending on household income. It is set depending on the building, its location, the size of the apartment and the services offered. The rent is below the median market rent in Montreal, as determined every year by the Société d'habitation du Québec (SHQ).

Affordable housing can be an alternative solution for individuals on the wait list for subsidized housing. It can also be a solution for households whose income is just above the threshold set out in the eligibility criteria for subsidized housing.

The apartments are located in recent constructions belonging to the OMHM – apartment buildings and seniors residences (see below). The OMHM is responsible for maintenance, security and good neighbourly relations.

Even if the household income is slightly higher than that stated in criterion 5, applicants may be eligible for OMHM affordable housing if they meet criteria 1, 3, 6 and 7. For further information about renting a low-rent housing unit, please contact our affordable housing management department, phone: 514 483-4118, during regular office hours.

Affordable housing located in apartment buildings are reserved for families and individuals living alone (an age limit may apply). 

The number of affordable housing units managed by the OMHM is as follows:

Rooms 57
Studios 2
1 room 309
2 rooms 191
3 rooms 128
4 rooms 47
5 rooms 1

Housing currently available


Residences with services for seniors

ENHARMONIE residences for seniors are managed by the OMHM. 

Rent includes:

  • heating;
  • electricity;
  • hot water;
  • one meal per day;
  • cable and phone;
  • recreational activities.

People with an income higher than that stated in criterion 5, if they meet criteria 1, 3, 6 and 7, could be eligible for a place in a ENHARMONIE residence.

The number of housing available as part of the ENHARMONIE network is as follows:

1 room 1243
2 rooms 59
TOTAL 1452

To find out more about ENHARMONIE residences, please refer to their website. To submit a housing application, please contact your chosen residence.

ENHARMONIE residences

Other housing

Immeubles Benny Farm

In 2007, the OMHM acquired Immeubles Benny Farm, which were built by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the Canada Lands Corporation (CLC) in 1997 and 2000. This housing is available at market prices to households whose income is higher than the maximum set out in the eligibility criteria. As its owner, the OMHM is responsible for maintenance, security and good neighbourly relations.

The number of housing in Immeubles Benny Farm is as follows:

1 room 21
2 rooms 201
3 rooms 14


Since 2015, the OMHM has been the owner of Maison Wolfe, a building with 57 rooms for men in difficulties. Users are selected by Maison du Père, a not-for-profit offering housing and support services, phychosocial services and maintenance. As the owner, the OMHM is responsible for major works. The OMHM also manages the subsidies granted to these users as part of the Rent Supplement Programs, as it does for a certain number of other rooms on the island of Montreal.