Assessing applications and waiting lists

Assessing applications

The OMHM begins by assessing every eligible application to determine its ranking on the various waiting lists for different housing categories (families, couples, people living alone, seniors or people in wheelchairs), the borough, and the required size.


Ranking is calculated on the basis of criteria and a points system defined in the Government of Québec's By-law respecting the allocation of dwellings in low rental housing (R.S.Q., c. S-8, r. 1). In particular, these criteria include household income and number of children.

Waiting lists

Once the application has been accepted by the selection committee, it is placed on the eligibility list corresponding to the applicant's situation. Since almost 24,000 households are already on these waiting lists, the wait for a new home can range from a few months to several years. It depends on various factors, such as the number of households waiting, the category and size of the home needed, the points obtained, etc.

Prioritizing emergencies

Priority will be given to households that meet eligibility criteria and that have been forced from their homes because of one of the following situations:

  • a disaster making the home unfit for habitation;
  • as the result of a city by-law declaring the apartment unfit for habitation;
  • a member of the household is a victim of violence and no longer safe in the home;
  • an expropriation.