Prevention and security


Taking comprehensive and integrated action

Plans and actions

Aiming to improve the well-being of its tenants, the OMHM has implemented several actions centred on both prevention and security.

In 2005, the OMHM adopted a first security action plan to enable it to act globally. In the current plan, 2021-2025, the emphasis is still placed on integrated work, in partnership, which involves all OMHM stakeholders, but also residents and partners from all walks of life. This action plan is intended to reflect the evolution of the context, both internally and externally, and to reflect current needs in terms of security and prevention in the living environments of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal.

Our guidelines

  1. Act in prevention.
  2. Ensure, as an owner, a physical presence in living environments.
  3. Maintain a community approach.
  4. Work as much on security as on the feeling of security.
  5. Have interventions adapted to various environments (not wall to wall).
  6. Ensure that prevention and safety are everyone’s business.

Initiatives and measures

  • 24-hour hotline and security coordination centre;
  • Patrols present everywhere on site;
  • Tenant security agents present in housing blocks;
  • Access system using magnetic keys;
  • CCTV system in buildings and on site;
  • Awareness campaigns, including Three Handy Tips;
  • Exploratory walks;
  • Evacuation drills;
  • Emergency action plan comprising several individual intervention plans based on specific situations.

Practical information for our tenants

Tenants are invited to contact the OMHM for all personal security issues, security issues in buildings and on OMHM property at: 514 872-6646.

This security service is not a substitute for the emergency services. In case of emergency, please call: 9-1-1.


Knocking at the right door… regarding a security issue

Call the security services

If you encounter a situation that prevents you from living peacefully in your apartment or that worries you, please call the security services at: 514 872-6646 who will investigate the situation. This service is exclusive to tenants of the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal.

Emergency action plan

OMHM staff have to deal with emergency situations that can occur at any time. Some of these emergencies affect tenants (for example, fires) and others also affect the staff (for example, flu epidemics or power outages in the Greater Montreal area).

Although it is difficult to react to all emergencies, the OMHM endeavours to ensure a high level of preparedness. The emergency action plan sets out clearly the action to be taken in any particular emergency situation.

The emergency action plan comprises a general plan and several individual intervention plans in specific situations, such as pandemics, major fires, extreme heat, or even communications or power outages. 

The emergency action plan aims to ensure the following:

  • Protect the life and safety of individuals (our tenants, staff and visitors);
  • Protect the housing stock;
  • Ensure a speedy, efficient, adequate and appropriate intervention;
  • Guarantee the continuity of activities or safe continuation as quickly as possible;
  • Protect the reputation and image of the OMHM;
  • Limit the OMHM’s liability;
  • Provide guidelines to the OMHM’s responders and residents.

Emergency steering committee and emergency room

The emergency action plan is revised regularly and is updated by an emergency steering committee. The steering committee is also responsible for leading and coordinating responses to emergencies. An emergency room serves as headquarters in the event of an emergency situation. 

Are you an OMHM tenant? Please refer to the Safety and Repairs page in the section Tenant Services.