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Annual renewal of housing applications

The automatic renewal of applications is completed. It is therefore important to inform us of any change in your situation. We remind you that a file that is not up to date can affect the rank of the request on the waiting list.


You can find your reference number, consisting of 11 digits, in the confirmation letter you received from the Office municipal d'habitation de Montréal (OMHM) and any other letter you received from the OMHM by the after. The reference number is on the top left.

To find out more about application ranking and waiting times

Please remember that you are responsible for notifying us about any change in your status, such as the following:

  • a change of address or telephone number
  • a change to your family (for example, a birth or death, or a person joining or leaving your family)
  • a change in your income

To update your application, please contact the OMHM Housing and Referral Service:

Phone : 514 868-5588    Email: