Room for youth

Place aux jeunes

Making a positive difference

“By showcasing their talent and encouraging young people to exercise their citizenship rights, we promote their emancipation and let them shine as they make a positive difference in their community.” — Rouzier Métellus, OMHM

The future has a voice

Over 12,000 young people live in low-rent housing in Montréal. They represent the future of our communities and they want to be heard. The OMHM gives them a platform.

People 25 years of age or less make up almost a third of low-rent housing tenants in Montréal. As members of every cultural community present in the city, they have access to various tools and outlets for sharing their views and making changes in their community.



The main goal of the low-rent housing youth movement known as “Le MOUV” is to create a space for discussion and dialogue with OMHM management, and to suggest activities for youth. 

Le MOUV Facebook Page

Le Rebond

Le Rebond

The website and blog [Le Rebond] is specifically intended for young people in low-income housing. It allows these young people to express themselves on issues that affect them, to discover and develop their talents in writing, photography and video, and to learn the basics of journalistic writing.

Le Rebond Website

Fondation La Clé

The Foundation

Fondation La Clé wants to support the success of young people living in low-rent housing. Its primary mission is to encourage them to complete their education and actively participate in Montreal and Québec societies.

Foundation Website