Awards and distinctions


The OMHM is recognized for its excellence and innovation

Some awards and distinctions received over the years


Habitations Saint-Michel Nord Wins Three Prizes

In 2021, Habitations Saint-Michel Nord won two prestigious awards for architecture, raising its profile in newspapers and trade publications. This newly renovated housing complex of more than 650 residents won the Ordre des architectes du Québec’s Achitecture Award of Excellence in the Multi-Unit Residential Building/Complex category. In addition, the Grands Prix du design named it a Grand Lauréat and awarded it with gold certification in two categories: Residential Building / Low-Rise Rental or Condominium Building (< 5 storeys high), and Residential Building / Affordable Housing. In 2022, the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects awarded the landscape design carried out in collaboration with Vlan Paysages.

Habitations Saint-Michel Nord underwent major renovations, requiring the temporary relocation of all residents. Several buildings were demolished, and a floor was added to some existing buildings. The project was designed by Saia Barbarese Topouzanov Architects and Vlan Paysages.


ENHARMONIE network wins Award of Excellence in the category "Recreation and Quality of Life" from the Fédération québécoise du loisir en institution (FQLI)

Established in 2013, the recreation team includes five recreation coordinators for the ten residences in the network and a large number of volunteer residents. When explaining the reasons for the award, the FQLI pointed out: “This network of residences is characterized by its focus on providing an environment that makes everyday life easier. Every effort is made to overcome isolation and contribute to the personal fulfillment of tenants… Creating and delivering diverse activities tailored to the residents’ potential is the team’s main objective, while focusing on freedom of choice and a feeling of belonging.”


ENHARMONIE network wins 2016 Distinction Award from the Regroupement québécois des résidences pour aînés (RQRA)

This award recognizes the outstanding contribution a seniors residence makes to improving the quality of life of its residents. The ENHARMONIE network demonstrates its excellence through its “Our tech-savvy elders” project, a series of training workshops that teach participants how to use a computer and navigate the Internet. Résidence Saint-Eugène, which was the residence behind this project, was designated “Residence of the Year” by the RQRA. Workshops were offered in all ten residences in the network, reaching more than 200 residents.


Youth and Greening, a youth employability project in low-rent housing, received the Mérite Habitat Social award –Sustainable Development category from the Regroupement des offices d’habitation du Québec (ROHQ)

This award is an initiative by the ROHQ to recognize outstanding achievements and best practices in the network. The Youth and Greening project hires young people living in low-rent housing for a first job. It is funded by Forum jeunesse de l'île de Montréal (FJIM) and the Conférence régionale des élus de Montréal (CRÉ) as part of the Plant’action youth structural action. The training program also received the Best Training Award from Intégration jeunesse du Québec, trustee of the Valorisation jeunesse – Place à la relève program.


OMHM's Green Thumbs project received an award at the Third Annual Montreal Environmental and Sustainability Recognition Gala from Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal

The OMHM won an award in the Institutions category for its Public Housing Green Thumbs project aiming to boost awareness and realize seasonal greening projects. This is a contest (became a Flower and Garden Club in 2011) that helps eliminate urban heat islands and make the city bloom by sharing the joy of gardening.


ENHARMONIE network’s Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi received the 2008 Excellence Award in the Residential/Renovation Projects category from ICCA-Québec

Résidence Alfredo-Gagliardi won the award for overcoming difficult technical constraints by incorporating eccentric braces into the structure (seismic protection), as well as its brilliant allocation of space.


Sauvons Montréal Orange Prize awarded to Résidence Jean-Placide-Desrosiers of the ENHARMONIE network in the Project Integration category

The residence received this award for successfully integrating the former rectory into the new construction and for the conscientious use of modern materials in a residential structure that blends well with its urban environment.

Résidence Jean-Placide-Desrosiers of the ENHARMONIE network was awarded the 2006 Excellence Award in the Residential/Renovation Project category by ICCA-Québec

The residence received the panel’s commendation for its hybrid structure (steel framing and pre-cast hollow-core concrete slabs) permitting economical and rapid winter construction, as well as for its tectonic and morphological features that allowed its streamlined appearance and modern building envelope design to shine through.


Habitations Saint-Hubert and Habitations Rouen are presented with the Award of Excellence of the Ordre des architectes du Québec (OAQ) and a mention in the residential architecture/residential group category

With regard to Habitations Saint-Hubert (architects Mercier, Boyer-Mercier), the OAQ emphasized the project’s smart tectonics, that despite a tight budget took into account the structure’s formal expressiveness, minimum maintenance requirements and need for sturdy materials. The buildings of Habitations Rouen (architects Cayouette and Saia/Saia and Barbarese) stood out for their organizational qualities and the way the building blended with its multifaceted environment.

Association québécoise pour la maîtrise de l'énergie (AQME) awards the Energia trophy to the OMHM, in the Building category, for the energy saving measures implemented throughout its buildings

This award highlighted the fact that “in addition to improving insulation and saving lighting energy, the OMHM has considerably reduced its energy costs by heating water using natural gas and by optimizing the efficiency of this system using microprocessor controls.”

1987 and 1988

Habitations Crémazie and Notre-Dame recognized by the Ordre des architectes du Québec

As part of its annual awards for excellence, the OAQ gave Habitations Crémazie an honourable mention in the Architecture category (architect Dan S. Hanganu), noting that it may be a housing project, but it is a welcoming and hospitable environment. Habitations Notre-Dame (architects Mercier, Boyer-Mercier) received the same tribute the following year "for the complex's delightful visual dynamics and for the attention to detail in the creation of urban frontage within an unusual and difficult context".

Habitations Des Pointeliers and Crémazie catch the attention of the Chambre de commerce de Montréal

Habitations Crémazie and Habitations Des Pointelliers were each given a special mention by the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal as finalists for the Habitas award. Habitations Crémazie (architect Dan Hanganu) is a complex that is noted for its imposing presence, its judicious layout, its integration in its surroundings as well as its harmonious form. The Habitations Des Pointelliers complex (architect Marius Bouchard) is noteworthy as a successful example of authentic residential living that has incorporated the nostalgic elements of the former school, which used to be an important landmark in the local environment.


Habitations De La Mennais win Habitas prize awarded by Chambre de commerce de Montréal

Habitations De La Mennais (architect Jean-François Gravel, City of Montreal Housing Department) consist of a converted former school that blends well with a new structure. The award recognizes that the project has given social groups access to a better living space suited to their needs.


The OMHM receives a five-star accessibility certificate from the Comité de liaison des handicapés physiques du Québec

The OMHM earned this distinction for its contribution to the interior and exterior layout of Habitations Angrignon (architect Jean-Louis Lalande).


Habitations De Carillon honoured by the Canadian Housing Design Council

Habitations de Carillon (architect Jean-Louis Lalonde) were honoured by the Canadian Housing Design Council which presented the building with an Award for Excellence in recognition of its contribution to Canada's residential environment and for the excellence of its design and implementation.

1971 et 1981

The Canadian Housing Design Council presents Habitations Boyce-Viau and Habitations Dollier-de-Casson with the Model Housing Award

Habitations Boyce-Viau (architects Bobrow Fieldman) and Habitations Dollier-de-Casson (architect Laurent Calame, City of Montréal Housing Department) are two seniors residences. The Boyce-Viau project is chosen for its disposition and socio-economic objectives. In both residences “the concrete of the frontage and the aesthetics and design of the windows harmonize with the main facade, which has been preserved, along with neighbouring structures".


Architects Ouellet, Reeves and Alain receive the Massey Medal from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada for Habitations Îlots-Saint-Martin

This project was praised for its integration of new housing within a complex conducive to private and community life and for the enhancement and preservation of a neighbourhood.