The workplace

Offices throughout the island

We have a wide range of different workplaces. For example, administrative services for public housing tenants are offered in the following sector offices: Southwest (Lionel-Groulx metro station), East (L’Assomption metro station) and Northwest (Crémazie metro station). The department that runs the rent supplement program is also located near the Lionel-Groulx metro.

The teams that oversee major work, community development, and procurement are situated near the Rosemont metro station. The central services and housing application management departments are located near the Square-Victoria metro station, between downtown and Old Montréal.

The employees who handle maintenance and affordable housing units also work in our approximately 800 buildings scattered across the island. Their workplaces are also the tenants' living spaces.

Informative bus tours

Employees have organized bus tours of the three sectors in conjunction with L’Autre Montréal. These tours give all employees a chance to develop greater familiarity with tenant living environments and employee workplaces. These trips are known for their anecdotes, stories, and friendly new faces.

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