Rent supplement program (PSL)

The different rent supplement programs (PSL) enable the OMHM to reserve housing available on the general market at a price equal to or less than the market's median rental cost. Tenants pay 25% of their household income as rent.

The OMHM uses government subsidies to cover the difference between the amount paid by tenants and the acknowledged rental cost.

The managment of housing through rent supplement programs began in the late 1970s. However, it was only in the mid-1980s that governments began applying this method of intervention systematically to meet the island of Montréal's housing needs.

The OMHM manages two main categories of rent supplement programs, which evolve according to budgetary decisions by the provincial governement:

Housing on the private market

These apartments are owned by private owners who have entered into an agreement with the OMHM. Apartments are rented to households on OMHM waiting lists. To submit an application, applicants must be eligible and be placed on the OMHM waiting list. 

Housing in co-ops and non-profit organizations (AccèsLogis program)

These apartments are rented to households who meet the eligibility criteria for low-rent housing and for the housing cooperative or the non-profit organization of their choice. Applicants have to submit their application to the co-op or the non-profit organization first. Once the application is approved, it is transferred to the rent supplement programs department of the OMHM.  

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