Rent supplement program occupancy standards

As a subsidized tenant, you must provide the names of all people living with you to the OMHM. This information is important in providing a home that complies with occupancy standards.

Occupancy standards are:

  • A studio apartment for a person living alone
  • A one-bedroom apartment for a person living alone or a couple
  • An additional bedroom is provided for each additional person
  • However, only one bedroom is provided for:
    • Two children under the age of 7
    • Two children under the age of 14 of the same sex, as long as their age difference is no more than six years

You must advise us in writing if another person joins (birth, marriage, additional children) or leaves (death, separation, moving away) the household. Only those whose names appear on the lease annex may live in the apartment.

This information enables us to:

  • Provide you with an apartment of the appropriate size according to the occupancy standards.
  • Properly calculate the rent supplement to be paid to the landlord.


What about temporary occupancy?

Temporary occupancy of someone not listed on the lease annex is only permitted by the OMHM and the landlord in the case of an emergency, but proof of the person's departure is required. You must notify your rental officer when such situations arise.

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