The rent supplement program

Rent supplement program overview:

  • Rent must be paid to the landlord on the first of each month.
  • Basic rent is equal to 25% of your household income.
  • Rent is adjusted if certain services (heating, hot water, etc.) are included or not.


Paying your rent

Rent must be paid on the first of each month. Preauthorized payments may be used.

Calculating your rent

Your rent is determined by combining two amounts: basic rent, equal to 25% of your total household income, and occupancy service charges. The OMHM's calculation is based on the income for the year before the start of the lease. Ten percent of earned income is deducted before these calculations are performed.

What the rent covers

The services covered by rent and monthly charges vary by landlord and building.


A supplementary payment is also calculated for any household member aged 18 or over who is not enrolled in school.

Rent reduction

If your income or that of a household member decreases during your tenancy, you can request a rent reduction. For more information, please contact your rental officer. To obtain a reduction, you must provide your rental officer with a written application accompanied by supporting documents, including your paystub or a copy of a cheque showing your new gross revenue.

Term of lease

Generally 12 months.

Breaking the lease

You can terminate your lease at any time and at no charge if you advise the OMHM and the landlord in writing, at least three (3) months in advance.

Changes to the lease

No changes may be made to the lease (rent increase, change of services, etc.), without prior approval from the OMHM.


Only those listed on the lease may live in the unit.

One additional person may be included on a temporary (emergency) basis and must be reported to the rental officer.

The landlord decides whether pets are allowed.

Please refer to the PSL occupancy standards.

You can obtain more information by referring to the Tenants' Guide to the Rent Supplement Program.

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