Occupancy standards

Low-rent housing must comply with occupancy standards. These standards determine the apartment size and the number of bedrooms it can have.

Household size determines apartment size, according to the following rules:

  • A studio apartment for a person living alone
  • A one-bedroom apartment for a person living alone or a couple
  • An additional bedroom is provided for each additional person
  • However, only one bedroom is provided for:
    • Two children under the age of 7
    • Two children under the age of 14 of the same sex, as long as their age difference is no more than six years

Why can only those listed on the lease live in the apartment?

Because the size of your home is based on the number of people listed on the lease and also because your rent is calculated on the basis of total household income, only those people whose names appear on the lease may live in the apartment.

You must advise us in writing of any change in the size of your household. This information allows us to provide you with an apartment that meets our occupancy standards and is also used to calculate the exact amount of your rent.

What should be done if someone comes to stay for a short period?

The OMHM and the landlord may allow someone not appearing on the lease to stay in an apartment for a short period of time in an emergency. However, proof of the individual's departure is required. If a situation like this arises, you must notify your rental agent.


Pets are allowed in OMHM apartments, but must be kept on a leash outside the home. They must not bother or injure other tenants, nor damage OMHM property. Their droppings must also be collected without fail.

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