Moving to a different low-rent apartment

Due to the many requests to move to a different low-rent apartment, the OMHM has established a set of priorities.

Applications are ranked according to four priorities:


  1. Top priority goes to moves due to disasters or technical problems that make the current home temporarily uninhabitable.
  2. In second place come requests associated with major tenant health or safety issues, for example, a move that would significantly improve living conditions for a someone who has suffered a loss of independence.
  3. Third on the list are changes in the type or category of home. Most requests fall into this category and are the result of an apartment becoming too large or too small for the tenant's needs. A tenant who is 60 or older living in a family building, although eligible for a seniors' residence, also falls into this category.
  4. In fourth place is the Transfert Optionnel 60+ program. Offered to tenants who have lived for at least three years in regular low-rent (HLM) or rent supplement program (PSL) housing and who already meet all the eligibility criteria, this program gives them an opportunity to request a move to a similar type or sub-type of apartment.



How to apply for a different apartment

A tenant who wishes to apply for a different apartment should make sure that their request corresponds with one of the priorities outlined above, as well as being in good standing with the OMHM and in compliance with all lease clauses. They must submit their application to their rental agent.

A selection committee reviews completed applications that have been received by the rental agent. If the application is accepted, the tenant's name is placed on a waiting list. The wait will vary depending on the circumstances.

The OMHM may also initiate a change in housing if the the home's type of category is different from that to which the household is entitled.

For the Transfert Optionnel 60+ program, a registration form must be filled in. You can request a copy from your rental agent. Please note that certain fees will be applied.

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