Le Rebond - Youth in action

To offer a virtual gathering place to young people living in low-rent housing, the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal (OMHM) launched a microsite and blog called Le Rebond.

This new electronic version of Le Rebond replaces the printed version that was distributed with La Rose des vents between 2012 and 2014. It talks about success that young people have achieved and contains youth activities, projects, job offers and a wealth of information on other topics of interest to young people. The site also has a blog where young bloggers can express their opinions on various issues and where all young people from Montréal’s low-rent housing can share comments, thoughts, interests and expectations.


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    Tuesday 26 August 2014
    Le Rebond - August 2014 - Volume 3 - No 1

    Main Headlines of the August 2014 edition of Le Rebond :

    • Youth in low-rent housing: Get with the Mouv!
    • They reached the summit of Acotango
    • Youth at work: A helping hand in sprucing up the grounds of the housing projects
    Wednesday 20 November 2013
    Le Rebond - November 2013 - Volume 2 - No 2

    Main Headlines of the November 2013 edition of Le Rebond :

    • Youth at work: Summer Report
    • Stevens Dorcélus: the pride and joy of an entire neighbourhood!
    • 2014 Volunteer and Community Action Ceremony: Youg stars wanted!
    Wednesday 3 July 2013
    Le Rebond - July 2013 - Volume 2 - No 1

    Main Headlines of the July 2013 edition of Le Rebond :

    • Youth in social housing: your turn to speak
    • Burgundy Awards: 83 young people recognized
    • Draw for an iPod Nano
    Thursday 14 February 2013
    Le Rebond - February 2013

    Main Headlines of the February 2013 edition of Le Rebond :

    • Meunier-Tolhurst leads the dance!
    • Inspiring youth projects
    • First youth committee elected
    Friday 7 December 2012
    Le Rebond - December 2012

    Main Headlines of the December edition of Le Rebond :

    • First summer job: Social housing youth meet the challenge
    • Youth Forum: Follow-up
    • Orna Julien captures a silver medal
    Tuesday 5 June 2012
    Le Rebond - June 2012

    Main Headlines of the June edition of Le Rebond :

    • Patrice Bernier of the Monteral Impact: New face of the OMHM foundation
    • Make way for youth committees