Housing properties

A major property manager

The OMHM manages Québec's largest inventory of housing stock.

It includes subsidized units consisting of 20,810 low-rent apartments and 1,699 affordable apartments in residences for seniors with a slight loss of independence and in apartment buildings for fully independent people.

The OMHM also manages Immeubles Benny Farm and a vast set of parking lots across the island of Montréal.

Expert project management

The OMHM is also a project manager and hires Québec architects to design housing that meets specific objectives.

These objectives require housing to be built according to set standards of comfort, hygiene, and safety. Buildings must fit into the urban environment and stand out for their architectural quality without being ostentatious and while respecting budgetary constraints. Architects view this invitation to outdo themselves as a challenge that demands both their technical knowledge and creative resources.

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