Fringe benefits

Because working also means living

The OMHM provides an outstanding working environment:

  • A flexible and practical schedule! We offer our employees a variety of scheduling options. Some, for example, work 70 hours over 9 days, so they can take off one out of every two Mondays or Fridays.

  • We offer a competitive group health and life insurance program, because you never know what might happen.

  • Our retirement funds offer excellent returns because we invest in you and for you.

  • Taking time off is crucial! Our employees are able to flexibly manage their banks of vacation time, floating holidays, and personal days.

  • We're happy to help out whenever we can! Our employees are entitled to a range of professional services through our free and confidential employee assistance program..

  • The OMHM offers its employees ways to help balance their family responsibilities and their work commitments. As a result, it has been granted the Conciliation travail-famille (CTF) standard certificate by the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ). Its practices were found to be in compliance with the level 2 CTF standard of BNQ 9700-820..

  • The OMHM wants you to be happy and healthy. We hope to earn Healthy Enterprise Certification within the next few years.



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