Need to find housing in Montréal?

If you're looking for somewhere to live, the OMHM provides you with a range of possibilities.

You can apply for low-rent housing or specially adapted low-rent housing. Your rent will then be equivalent to 25% of your household income. The waiting lists for this type of housing are currently very long, except for the housing listed in the tabs below. You can also apply for affordable housing. This newer housing provides rents below the average market rate. They are divided into two categories: housing without service for families and people living alone, and housing for seniors with services such as meals, electricity, telephones and more. The OMHM also offers unsubsidized housing that are rented at market rates. For more information on the availability of housing in the different categories, please click on the tabs below.

Montrealers who don't have a home or who have reason to believe that they will be without a home may call the referral service help line at 514 868-4002 for assistance in finding housing.

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    Low-rent housing

    Start by checking your eligibility before you apply for low-rent housing. Keep in mind that waiting lists can be long.

    There is no waiting list for the OMHM housing listed below.

    Building Address Unit Rent Availability Information

    Habitations Marie-Victorin

    7950, rue Jacques-Rousseau, Rivière-des-Prairies

    1 X 2 bedrooms (4 ½) (60 years and more)

    25 % of the tenants' income


    514 868-5588

    Special needs low-rent housing

    Building Address Unit Rent Availability Information

    Habitations Des Fleurs (HLM)

    625, boulevard Georges-Vanier Montréal

    3 X 1 bedroom (3 ½) 

    25 % of incomes



    Seniors’ residences (affordable housing)

    Our affordable housing with services for seniors are grouped together under the Enharmonie residences banner. These ten residences were designed to provide comfort and safety at an affordable price. As well as including recently built, high-quality apartments, you will benefit from a wide range of services (meals, staff on site 24/7, leisure activities, etc.) to make everyday life easier for you. Visit to check apartment availability. You can also call the residence you’re interested in and make an appointment to visit it.

    Affordable housing

    The following affordable housing is offered to families of people living alone needing from one to four bedrooms. Unlike the HLM low-rent housing formula, rents are not calculated as a percentage of household income. Instead, they are fixed for the duration of the lease and set at a lower rate than the rental market going rate. Rents vary by building, location, and apartment size.

    Building Address Unit Rent Availability Information


    896 Jospeh-Janot, Pointe-aux-Trembles (QC) H1A 5V5

    3cc, 5½

    805.00 $ / monthly, nothing included

    September, 1st, 2018

    514-483-4118, option 2, ext 4


    202-11985 Monty, Montréa-Nord (QC) H1G 6K5


    492$ / monthly, hot water included only

    September 1st, 2018

    514-483-4118, option 2, ext 3


    4-4477 de Charleroi, MontrEal-North (QC) HIH 1T6

    2cc, 4½

    585.00$ / monthly, nothing included

    November, 1st, 2018

    514-483-4118 option 2, ext 4


    4664 rue St-Jacques, Montréal (QC) H4C 0B6

    3½, 1 c.c.

    623.00$ / monthly, nothing included

    November 1st, 2018

    514-483-4118 option 2 ext 4


    608-350 rue Crevier, St-Laurent (QC) H4L 0A1

    3½, 1 c.c.

    636.00$ / monthly, hot water included only

    January, 1st, 2019

    514-483-4118 option 2 ext 4


    606-350 rue Crevier, St-Laurent (QC) H4L 0A1

    3½, 1c.c.

    634.00$ / monthly, hot water included only

    February, 1st, 2019

    514-483-4118 option 2 ext 4

    Other OMHM properties

    Immeubles Benny Farm provides recently built, non-subsidized apartments. Please call (514) 483-4118.

    No apartments are currently available in non-subsidized apartment buildings.