Empowering employees

Meeting your needs

We believe that it is essential for us to understand how our employees feel, their workplace atmosphere, and their daily reality. We make efforts to resolve recurring problems and difficult situations.

We have established several ways for employees to discuss matters, ask questions and seek explanations. Each year, our executive director holds "coffee and croissant" staff meetings and visits the different work units. He outlines key issues, but employees generally determine the topics of discussion. Brilliant ideas often emerge from these get-togethers, and we are only too happy to implement them in the workplace. Monthly staff meeting also permit constructive discussions among co-workers.

As a result of our past experiences, we also began conducting annual employee surveys in 2010. Action plans have been put in place as a result of these surveys to ensure that we keep improving. We are committed to maintaining a workplace environment that enables employees to reach their full potential.

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