Employment areas

A wide range of jobs

The OMHM offers employment in many areas. Some 80 managers and over 650 staff members serve in about 100 different positions falling into seven major categories:


In addition to managers working in administration, many other employees support our operations in a variety of positions, such as administrative aides, office staff, secretaries, etc.

Building maintenance

Some 200 managers and employees maintain and repair our buildings, such as the maintenance and repair director, maintenance and repair workers, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Community development

This team forges ties with tenants and community partners. It includes social workers, community organizers, project managers, etc.

Tenant services

Managers and their teams are in touch with tenants and applicants on a daily basis. They collect rents, process rental applications, handle leases, and enforce building rules, for example rental officers, rental staff, collection agents, human resources advisers, etc.

Central services

These managers and their employees serve their own co-workers through data processing, procurement, accounting, human resources, and communications, for example buyers, accountants, programmer analysts, etc.

Major work

Many managers and employees use their skills to maintain and upgrade our housing stock, such as architects, engineers, building mechanics technicians, construction foremen, etc.


More than 100 people work as security officers or supervisor-tenants in our buildings. They live in housing projects or in the ENHARMONIE residences  and work there part-time.


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