Community living in public housing

Community activities serve several purposes, including encouraging tenants to take responsibility for their living environment and promote interaction among neighbours.

Community activities are jointly developed and administered with local community resources and institutions.

These activities are often open to the general public and not exclusively reserved for OMHM tenants.Tenants may become involved in all kinds of ways, including young people's activities, mutual assistance and support projects, and efforts to foster social inclusion. They also include recreational activities, community kitchens,  assistance and family services.

Support for tenant associations

Support for tenant association is central to Montréal public housing community activities. This may take the form of chairing an election meeting or assisting the tenant committee with a difficult issue. It can also involve planning citywide training activities, in partnership with the Fédération des locataires de HLM and various community organizations.

You can find out everything you need to know about creating an association by visiting the Fédération des locataires d'habitations à loyer modique du Québec (FLHLMQ) website or on this page: How to create a tenant association (both in French).

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