Community life

The OMHM promotes various community initiatives as part of its efforts to help tenants create a better living environment.

Dynamic initiatives that get people involved

The OMHM has helped build a rich community life over the past 20 years, meeting the many needs of its different social housing tenants. The OMHM is committed to supporting projects that encourage tenants to take responsibility for their communities. Such efforts are rooted in their living environment and have a positive impact on the surrounding neighbourhood.

The OMHM believes that social and community development start at home, in the public housing that gives birth to so many exciting community initiatives:

  • Youth centres
  • Seniors' services
  • Drop-in daycare centres
  • Services for single-parent mothers
  • Community kitchens for larger families
  • Workshops for people with intellectual disabilities
  • Many other activities


The community-based approach: connecting with people where they live

We all know that the most rewarding programs are tailored to the community's genuine needs. A community-based approach puts social workers in the home environment so that they can work for and with tenants' families and gradually build the trusting relationships that ensure the success of public housing initiatives.

This approach is both personal and collective. It values attentive, non-judgemental listening, mutual respect, flexibility in adapting to changing community needs and other factors. 

Local development in every borough

The OMHM is active in many of the island's municipalities and boroughs. It has a key role to play in the social development of different neighbourgoods, in conjunction with community assocations. It also attends various task force meetings, is able to set up community centres, and uses its resources to meet community needs.

At a time when public funding is hard to come by and social issues are increasing, the pooling of resources and cooperation from other social and government stakeholders are the bedrock of community development. The OMHM is proud to be part of this process.

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