Building rules

Building rules form an integral part of the lease. These rules outline the tenant's rights and responsibilities as well as the OMHM's obligations.

Building rules are designed to ensure that apartments are kept clean and in good condition, that tenants are safe and secure, and that everyone lives together in harmony.

Here is a summary of key rules that apply to public housing, the LAQ program, and to assisted living residences. For further details, please read the full rules that apply to your building.

 Apartment maintenance

  • The OMHM provides apartments that are in good condition and makes repairs that are needed due to normal wear and tear
  • Tenants must keep apartments and sanitary fixtures in good condition
  • Tenants must report any defects or issues
  • An apartment that needs painting must be painted by the tenant

Building maintenance

  • The OMHM is responsible for maintaining the building's common areas and grounds
  • Tenants must keep the building's common areas and grounds clean
  • Tenants must keep hallways, stairways and landings clear of any obstructions
  • Tenants must not damage plants on building grounds


  • Tenants must dispose of garbage in closed garbage bags or cans and only at specified times and locations

Security and safety

  • Tenants must keep apartment entrances clear of obstructions
  • Tenants are responsible for ensuring that the apartment's smoke detector is in proper working order

Living together in harmony

  • Tenants must be careful not to bother other tenants and to respect behaviour guidelines

Occupancy standards

Low-rent housing is subject to occupancy standards that must be observed, since apartment size and rent are based on the household's composition.

Please read this page to learn who can live with you and under what conditions.

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