Active involvement of tenants

As an OMHM tenant, you are invited to play an active role in your housing environment.

Public housing

The OMHM has set up various advisory bodies to help tenants work with it in a spirit of partnership.

Tenant associations

Tenant associations have been an integral part of OMHM activities for over 40 years. A subsidy program that was established in 1987 promotes local community life in the buildings. There are now more than 125 associations representing some 10,000 tenants. Many association members also belong to the Fédération des locataires d'habitations à loyer modique du Québec (FLHLMQ). The creation of a tenant association helps:

  • Promote tenant participation and responsibility in public housing administration
  • Resolve common issues that arise
  • Ensure that the housing environment meets everyone's needs
  • Ensure that tenants live in a respectful housing environment
  • Achieve representation in different organizations
  • Provide recreational, mutual support, educational, cultural, and social services

Community organizers support tenants in the creation of associations, support existing associations, and promote increased social and community involvement in public housing alongside local groups.

You can find out everything you need to know about forming an association by visiting the FLHLMQ or by clicking here: How to set up a tenant association (in French).

Please refer to Ensemble pour agir, the guide to public housing tenant associations published by the Regroupement des offices d’habitation du Québec, the Office municipal d’habitation de Montréal, and the Fédération des locataires d’habitations à loyer modique du Québec.

Advisory committee of tenants

The advisory committee of tenants (CCR) considers policies that relate to all tenants. It consists of two tenant members of the board of directors and representatives of sector committees from tenant associations. Representatives are elected by sector committees.

More about the CCR in this page (in french).

Sector committees and subcommittees

OMHM activities fall under three geographic sectors. Sector committees and sub-committees raise issues of concern to tenants and tenant associations. These groups consists of OMHM employees working in the sectors concerned and tenant representatives.

Board of directors

Two tenants sit on the OMHM board. They represent all tenants and are involved in decision-making and in the OMHM's broad policy guidelines.

Selection committee

Three tenants (one of whom is a substitute) are members of the OMHM selection committee. This committee provides opinions to the board on applicant eligibility and ranking in accordance with the By-law respecting the allocation of dwellings in low-rental housing (R.S.Q., c. S-8, r. 1).

Committee on change of housing for bio-psycho-social reasons

Tenants also sit on the Committee on change of housing for bio-psycho-social reasons (comité de changement de logement pour des motifs biopsychosociaux). This committee studies and then accepts or rejects housing applications for bio-psycho-social reasons (when a tenant's health or safety is threatened or has been seriously reduced).

Audit committees

The OMHM has set up audit committees that each include a tenant representative to ensure the quality of janitorial services.

ENHARMONIE residences

The interim advisory committee of tenants of the Enharmonie network was elected following a consultation of tenants held in 2014. It is composed of two tenants designated by each residence for a total of 20 members.

They address issues of concern for all Enharmonie residents such as management decisions and questions pertaining to the services offered by the residences, and come up with creative solutions. The members can also request additional information from management in order to better understand certain decisions.

Other housing

A tenant association represents Benny Farm residents. This is Canada's oldest tenant association. 

Please call (514) 483-4118 for more information on the Benny Farm tenant association.

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